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Skateparks: Boardertown
Location: Fort Smith, AR

Northwest Arkansas has been in dire need of a good indoor skatepark. Well, we didn't get a good one, WE GOT A RAD ONE! Nick Gibson, local ripper/filmer/photographer, got together with Team Pain, which is one of the largest skatepark builders in the world, took a basic warehouse and turned it into a wooden wonderland.

Photos: Nick Gibson

Boardertown has everything you would ever want to skate. Rails, ledges, launches, wallrides and one of the first ever build mini-ramp/egg bowl hybrid. There are so many things to explain the way this place skates but one word sums it all up: smooth. With absolutely no funkiness to this park, not one skater I've talked to can say anything negative about it.

Photos: Nick Gibson

So here are the facts: The mini-ramp/egg bowl is super fast. All the coping grinds like butter. Nick Gibson will kill the park at any given second. Ledges are granite not marble but grind very nice. Bank wall does in fact have pool coping and slides/grind just as smooth as the metal coping. $5 on the weekdays, $10 on the weekends...NO PADS REQUIRED ;)

Photo: Shawn Rogers

Boardertown Skateshop & Skatepark

5900 Rogers Ave. Suite 101 C
Fort Smith, AR




Fayetteville, AR


Little Rock, AR



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