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  • Nick Gibson
    front crook
    Photo: Jamie Owens
  • Andrew Williams
    indy / kanis bash 2015
    Photo: Nick Gibson
  • Blake Brown
    Photo: Nick Gibson

Favorite 10 featuring Shawn Rogers

Behind all the rad photos on Gnarkansas, are the photographers that strive to capture the essence of what skating around here is all about. This time around, We chose Fort Smith Photographer and Boardertown's 2nd-in-Command, Shawn Rogers... See the photos.

added 1/6/15

Nick Gibson December Cover on Gnarkansas

Bro Style came through recently with TransWorld SKATEboarding Editor-In-Chief, Jamie Owens and of course they couldn't leave Arkansas without snaggin a sick photo of our one and only, Nick Gibson for this month's cover photo...See The Photo.

added 12/18/15

Skate Video Quality: The VX1000 vs. Every Other Camera

In this editorial, Brandon Herbert investigates the most influential camcorder in skateboarding history, The Sony DCR-VX1000. This one may ruffle some feathers but, hey, that's what we like to do around here...Read More.

added 12/18/15

Added to Skateparks: Grove Street Skate Park - Springdale,AR

Springdale has always somewhat felt like the middle child. Not the favorite child or not the successful twins, more like the one who hasn't quite 'figured out my place and life' and mom and dad still sit her down and have the "Let's get your life back on track" talk. But she is still part of the family and we love her for who she is, and at that, she does have a skatepark...Check the Park.

added 12/18/15

OUCH! with Jonny Undiano

Making history over here at Gnarkansas! However, Its not the kind of history we'd like to applaud. This post marks the Jonny Undiano as the first skater to be featured 2 times in our unfortunate "OUCH!" segment. Take a peek at this face plopper at Boardertown Skateshop & Skatepark...Watch This.

added 12/18/15

Eureka Spring 2015

We are back in business! These trips are our saving grace from the summer heat. With a shaded bowl in the picturesque town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas and the ever-so invigorating swimming locale of Hogskald on Beaver Lake, we always jump for the chance to engage in what our state has to offer. We may not be droppin hammers, but damn it, we are having fun...Watch the video.

added 7/6/15

Kanis Bash 2015

“Rain or Shine” is a term usually thrown around outdoor events in Arkansas. This meant nothing to all of the skaters in route to Little Rock, Arkansas for Kanis Bash 2015. Honestly I've never seen so many people at the park...Read More.

added 5/25/15

Andrew Williams at Kanis Bash May Cover on Gnarkansas

Kanis Bash was a huge success and the proof is in the pudding with this massive poker from Andrew Williams for this month's cover photo...See The Photo.

added 5/25/15

Still Cruzin Trailer

Jono Sinclair has been working on this video for quite some time and soon it will be in your face. Actually as soon as December 26th, when they will be premiering the video at 1227 S Detroit Ave in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dont miss it...Watch The Trailer.

added 12/25/15

Blindside Skateshop: Tulsa,OK

Longtime Oklahoma skateshop, Blindside has opened a 2nd location in Tulsa to service thier heavy-hittin' community. Be sure to check them out if you are in the area. 1508 E 15th St. Tulsa, OK...Check The Facebook Page.

added 12/25/15





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